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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

During these difficult times, the most important thing is to take care of ourselves, this way we are protecting our loved ones and our health services. We must stay safe at home and those who are allowed to go sailing should follow all the instructions from the authorities.
Following the Government's recommendations, at Go Sailing Shop we are all working from home, which implies that orders are not dispatched as quickly as we would like to. Therefore, orders are sent twice a week.
When handling and shipping orders, we are meeting all safety requirements with utmost care. The packaging area as well as all items and packaging are thoroughly cleaned and staff are wearing individual protection equipment.
 Stay safe and we will all Go Sailing soon.

Choosing the right Sailing Gloves

Choosing the right Sailing Gloves

One of the most frequently asked questions refers to the difference between the Rooster® Pro Race and Rooster® Dura Pro sailing gloves.
The main difference is that the Dura Pro Sailing Gloves have two overlapped abrasion-resistant Amara® reinforcements whereas the Pro Race Sailing Gloves have a Japanese Grip® reinforcement on top of the Amara®. This different combination of fabrics gives the Pro Race Gloves a better grip to prevent wet or extra-thin ropes from slipping. On the other hand, the Dura Pro Gloves are better suited for mainsheet or spinnaker trimming, when releasing the sheet smoothly is as important as trimming in. Both gloves are really hard-wearing but the Dura Pro Gloves might be a tad more abrasion-resistant.
We highly recommend wearing these sailing gloves as tight as possible as they feature elastic fabric on the back. On top of that, frequent use will make them give.
Last but not least, rinsing your sailing gloves with freshwater and hanging them out to dry will make them last twice as long.

Choosing the right wetsuit

Choosing the right wetsuit

Do you want to buy a wetsuit but you still have some doubts? This article is for you.

Long John vs Steamer

First of all, at Go Sailing Shop we believe that a Long John's cut is more convenient than a Steamer's since it gives you more versatility. For instance, you can pair a SuperTherm® 4mm Long John with a SuperTherm® 4mm Top during the winter or with a ThermaFlex® 1.5mm Top when in milder weather. In addition, a Long John allows greater mobility and it is easier to put on and take off.


SuperTherm® 4mm Long John vs ThermaFlex 1.5mm Long John


The SuperTherm® 4mm Long John combines the most advanced fabrics with a great design to produce the most durable, stretchiest and warmest wetsuit ever. Although initially conceived for winter, you can also wear it in autumn or spring with a thinner top such as the ThermaFlex® 1,5mm Top or the Lycra Rash Vest

The ThermaFlex® 1.5 mm Long John features super-stretchy neoprene to achieve unrestricted movement and the softest plush lining for great comfort. This lightweight wetsuit is best suited for spring and autumn, but if you pair it with a base layer such as the Rooster PolyPro you can also wear it during the winter.

To sum up, our recommendation is that you go for a SuperTherm® 4mm Long John if you sail all year round in all weather conditions. On the not-so-cold days you can still wear it with a lighter top. However, if you usually sail in warmer climates, we recommend buying a ThermaFlex 1.5mm Long John and complete your kit with a PolyPro™ Thermal set.

'The rule of thumb is that a ThermaFlex plus a PolyPro equals a SuperTherm'.


Women's Wetsuits

All these garments are also available in ladies fit. Please, press here to see the Women's Wetsuit Range

Rooster Aquafleece® Spray Tops

Rooster Aquafleece Sailing Spray Top
Do you want to buy a Rooster Aquafleece® Spray Top but you do not know which one to choose? We are here to help you.

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